Atempo is back with Large NAS Backup Solution

@Broadcast India Show 2018

There are places where you love to be and if they happen to be a position of leadership and position of service to a specific segment of customers, then nothing like that. Atempo, when it got acquired in 2012, was the leader in Archival for Indian / Bangladesh M&E with 9 installations much more than any other in the region with a healthy pipeline.

Next 4 years others created big ones and Atempo as part of ASG through Atempo India Team (now independent ITS technology solution Private Limited popularly known as itSimple) acquired few and retained all the earlier accounts. Then in 2017 End, Atempo got independent in wake of GDPR in India and others at the same time went into uncertainty. Atempo is back at BI 2018 where it used to be present consistently till 2013, powerful as a leader and no other significant competition in existence in Archival / large NAS backup space.

Atempo at Broadcast India Show 2018 is alive and kicking with unprecedented speed of backup / Archival (few GB/s to unlimited size) with integration with all kind of Penta-scale NAS (NetApp, Isilion, DDN, etc, providing integrity of data), through various kind of file systems (GPFS, Luster, storNext, etc), global implementations of 250+PB individual sites in M&E as well as HPC space.

Archival for media include-

  • An extensive search of metadata,
  • Proxy of Media files,
  • True partial restore,
  • Simple web integration in all workflows,
  • Migration from other closed Archival through processes,
  • Standard integration with virtually all MAMs.

Broadcast India Show 2018 witnessed all this with Atempo Asia Representative Mr. Benjimin Woo, who was present to welcome all the guests along with Mr. Kamal Gulati, Sachin Srivastava, Major Dawra & Lave Tyagi of itSimple team.

There was a daily lucky draw giving out One google Mini and 2 more gifts each day, which was won by visitors. 1000s of visitors grace the booth and Atempo / itsimple team look forward to being part of BI 2019 and similar Storage events.

The Name of Winners are-

Day 1-

1st Winner- Mr. Shaji Rajan (Sales Consultant-Storage), Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

2nd Winner- Mr.Jagadish Kavuturu (Sales Head), Boston.

3rd Winner- Mr. Akhilesh Mishra (Sales Executive), Arihant Informatics.

Day 2-

1st Winner- Mr. Indrajit Ghosh (Business Head), ILSD OmniDEL Multimedia Labs.

2nd Winner- Mr. Dhiren Desai, Decision Plus Systems Inc.

3rd Winner- Mr. Amar Nath (Content Provider), Sky Dreams.

Day 3-

1st Winner- Mr. Debby Francis Thomas (Regional Manager – Support), SRSG Broadcast (I) Pvt. Ltd.

2nd Winner- Mr. Aviral Deohans (Sales Manager, West India), Boston.

3rd Winner- Mr. Karunakar Reddy M, Netsat India Solutions.

For any Query regarding the Event or Large NAS Backup and Media Archival Solution, pls drop us a mail or fill up the contact form.

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