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Everybody thinks that they are not at risk of losing data until they experience it. According to stats, 87 % IT companies experience data loss. Losing data will not only take months but also costs you dollars to restore a bit of it. The smartest way to ensure your business continuity is securing your data with proper  Enterprise data backup solution.

Here are 9 most common causes of Data Loss to help you understand what lead to data loss and how you can prevent data loss.

Hard drive failures

Mechanical Damages of hard drive is the most common cause of data loss. Hard drives have a finite lifetime and it is no wonder they break down easily. According to the figures, 50% of hard drives die within 5 years. These failures can occur due to overheating, power surges, corrupted files resulting in devastating loss of your important files and business data.


According to a survey of data loss causes, 29 % users believe that viruses, malware or ransomware led to data loss. There are Trojans, viruses, harmful malware and advanced spyware technologies developed by hackers and intruders that are constantly trying to get onto and take over your system. These attacks can corrupt files, steal information and damage your data.

Human Error

Human Mischief is the second most common cause of data loss. Creating files, updating and saving are very common activities done by IT professionals every day. Sometimes we click delete button accidentally or format something unintentionally and lose irreplaceable files. Some users accidentally format their hard drives and lose data instantly and pay dollars for retrieving data.

Laptop Theft

Laptop thefts are very common these days. You take your laptop to various places including taxi cabs, coffee shops, hotels, airports where it can be stolen very easily. According to stats of data loss, a laptop is stolen every minute. Losing both your laptop and your important business data would be really tragic for IT professionals.

Physical damage

Oops! Coffee is spilled on the laptop. Your laptop doesn’t understand your love for coffee. Spilling coffee, water or any liquid cause much damage to your laptop. Liquids can cause short circuit to the electronic components, damage motherboard or data can be lost saved to hard drives.

Power Failures

Many users lose their important business data due to power interruptions and accidents caused by power outages. Power Failures can cause due to a sudden change in voltages and can damage hard drives and other parts of your computer. These power failures, random computer crashes and overheating can be a devastating experience resulting in the loss of your business data.


We all hate hackers but the fact is they can hack your system and encrypt your data. Sometimes your office employees try to damage, delete or steal your data if they have sufficient access to the files. You can prevent these malicious activities by keeping a data backup on the cloud.

Unexpected Shutdowns

Sometimes software shutdown unexpectedly. It may happen due to improper shutdowns of the computer. Sometimes your files become inoperable and there is no particular reason for this. This happens when your files are corrupted. These file corruptions and unexpected shutdowns may interrupt your business operations and you can lose important files, folders, client databases, reports and other documents.

Natural Disasters

From fire accidents to earthquakes, natural disasters can cause serious damage to your systems, devices and data. These disasters are unpredictable and inevitable but you can back up your business data in the cloud and focus on your business with peace of mind. Go with enterprise cloud backup solutions.

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