Backup And Archive Media Assets

Keep Your Media Assets Safe and Accessible

From protecting newly ingested footage to archiving completed projects, Atempo’s Miria protects and conserves content throughout digital media workflows, and optimizes storage capacity as storage demands increase. Whether you are a boutique post-production house or a broadcast media giant, Miria delivers backup and archive for your media assets, scales to fit your performance and your capacity needs.

Atempo also provides replacement solutions and professional services to transition from Diva Front Porch and other MAMs to Atempo Miria. We provide vendor-agnostic storage target options for your data and we can either plug into your existing MAMs and hardware or transition to new targets (disk, tape, cloud, object…).

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MAMS: Reuniting data workflows

Media Asset Management solutions can archive to any type of storage and interface with Miria. Archiving becomes as easy as a right click in Avid Interplay, CatDV, Fork, Empress MAM, Levels Beyond Reach Engine, EVS, MediArchive Directory, DIVArchive & Front Porch digital etc.

Finding and sharing productions

Find assets easily with Miria metadata enrichment. Keep data for decades thanks to the open formats used: maintain the original folder structure of your data, without a proprietary format to disk, object storage and benefit from the widely used TAR and LTFS on tape. Ideal for a long-term retention archive and for sharing with partners.

Choosing any storage

Disk, object storage, optical disk, tape, cloud… and any combination of these media storages can be based on one or more storage technologies. As archiving needs to cope with both budget, performance needs, and also long-term conservation, Miria offers a broad choice of supported storage spaces.

Never lose an asset

When assets need to be backed up, archived or moved from one storage to another, whether it be rushes, dailies or full productions, Miria handles and secures every step. It can apply long term retention policies with deep archives or allow data operators to copy/move it from one authorized storage to another where the assets are needed and at the same time prevent users from previewing material. All copies and movements will be logged.

Speed and scalability

Miria is used by our customers to handle large 4K or 8K files as well as billions of DPX files. Large volumes of data are transferred by scalable farms of Data Movers, each of which can move several GB/s. A whole farm will deliver more throughput than most networks can handle.

Viewing proxies & partial file retrieval

Select a sequence of a few seconds from a light, low resolution proxy file and Miria will bring back just this requested sequence in full quality from the deep archive without restoring the full asset. Partial File Restore (PFR) is used by many of our customers on a daily basis.