Why OneDrive / Cloud Drive Storage
Falls Short as a Real Backup Solution!


According to a study by Veeam, 53% of organizations have experienced data loss in the cloud.


A study by Gartner found that only 30% of organizations have a formal cloud backup plan in place.


32% of Google Workspace users faced cloud
data loss – Spanning Cloud Apps


30% of data loss stems from user error, including cloud storage platforms. – Backblaze

Cloud doesn’t necessarily mean safe data 

Contrary to what you might think, your data files can never be safe in an online cloud drive due to the limitless threats that they face from multiple sources. Besides having Online cloud drive account, you also need to ensure that it has a backup. This will ensure that even if contents of your Online cloud drive account get compromised, you can still recover them.

The shared responsibility model

Microsoft follows the Shared Responsibility Model for Microsoft 365. While they manage infrastructure and uptime, customers are responsible for their data and security. It's crucial for organizations to protect their data as Microsoft may have limited recourse for data loss caused by user actions. Deleted data can often be found in the recycle bin temporarily.

Cloud storage isn’t necessarily safe

Cloud storage is susceptible to ransomware as it syncs with local user devices. Any data changes, including malicious ones like ransomware, are replicated to the cloud, potentially destroying the cloud copy.

Users who leave the organization

When employees leave and their Microsoft 365 license expires, companies have 30 to 90 days to recover their data. After this period, Online cloud drive won't retain the data. Microsoft's in-place archiving is an option but can be costly. To safeguard vital data, enterprises should establish a robust Online cloud drive backup process to avoid data loss.

Regulatory compliance

Most regulations (like GDPR etc) require businesses to protect data. A key aspect to achieving regulatory compliance is to have a second or alternate copy of your data, in case the primary copy is damaged or lost. And this includes data in the cloud as well as on your premises.

All of the above are reasons why enterprises invest in backup solutions to protect their data – even data in Online cloud drive. Any enterprise class backup solution lets you recover your data when you want – and won’t limit your recovery period to only 30 days or 90 days. You won’t have to race against time to make copies of user data when they leave your company or be worried that they may delete valuable data before they leave. With enterprise Backup/Archive solution for Online cloud drive, you get Information at your fingertips, Centralized Management, Policy based backups, Reporting etc.

Other advantages of Online Cloud Drive Backup

study by the University of Texas found out that 43% of businesses that experience significant data breaches fail to recover. A company is likely to close shop within a year of suffering a significant data breach. Major data losses do not often arise from disastrous situations. A seemingly minor oversight can end up causing a massive data breach. Backing up your Microsoft Online cloud drive files is an effective data breach recovery plan since it helps you avert threats to your business operation.

Having a backup for your Online cloud drive files can provide your business a competitive advantage. In the event of a data breach, the first businesses to recover often take away clients from those that struggle to get back on their feet. A backup not only safeguards you from total data loss but also ensures you get back to your feet as soon as possible in the unfortunate event of a breach.

Companies across all industries are required to maintain a business record for extended periods. This can either be for taxation purposes or other various regulations. Having a single copy of your business records can be a grave mistake. Once the file gets compromised, it will be difficult for you to furnish government agencies with information about your business whenever they need it.

A Microsoft Online cloud drive for business backup will go a long way in saving you in the event of a disaster because typically, federal taxation and regulatory agencies won’t care whether you had a disaster. Therefore, backups should be part of your company’s risk, governance, and compliance strategy.

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