Book Release “ Mr Backup 2.0”

How do you go from Reco-worry to Recovery?

Disasters are not “IF” but “WHEN“ aspects for every Human’s Life & of every Organization. Which is why a Serious “Plan B / Plan C” in the form of Backup is super important. Not being attached to “Plan A only” is very critical (apart from few things like “one spouse” of course). My book is a work in the direction of “Creating Backup Mindset”, specially for FAMILY and DATA WITHIN ORGANIZATIONS. India has the lowest ratio of Insurance and Will-writing. So also IT Infrastructure Backup; it just doesn’t come naturally to us.

This book is a vivid story (and a ready reckoner) about living a few days of Ashutosh’s life and seeing how he creates 9 practical habits for his family & his IT Infrastructure Backup. Ashutosh changes from Default Version 1.0 over time to become a mix of Mr. Backup 2.0 & Mr. Family 2.0. 

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Here’s a sneak peek into Ashutosh’s story: 6 PM on Friday, the entire office is ready to leave for the weekend. Ashutosh is attending a boring office workshop about “what they are up to” with other management members. A question is asked: “what do we take for granted”.  Ashutosh says, “Our immediate Family! I started working 14 hrs a day to secure the family’s financial status when I saw my parents struggling. Now I hardly spend time with my parents, my in-laws and my teenage children. Today I am saddened that I possibly have limited time left to spend with them; my parents & in-laws are likely to move on into the other world, and the children will soon be ready to move out of the home for good. What I will be up to is loneliness!” 

There was stunned silence. What was a boring workshop suddenly became a hub of activity, with everyone telling each other that this was happening in their life too. Everyone’s eyes were opened to a not-so-pleasant but undeniable truth! The instructor soon begins working with Ashutosh to create a new goal, which is “to create a new future of FUN with the family”.

Another day in Ashutosh’s life: Ashutosh is sitting at his desk, forced to ponder over some tough questions raised by Venkat, who oversees Backup in his organization. This is what is going through Ashutosh’s mind: “I have been assuming till now that whatever plan I have made is guaranteed to succeed with no Plan B or Plan C. I have been taking data availability, which is critical for the very survival of the organization, for granted. I had earlier bought one tool, but now Venkat keeps asking for more aspects to be covered beyond the standard Backup tool. I may be making a mistake by saying that there are more pressing needs for Operational Software, Cloud and Cyber Security. Venkat is right: Our organization is not ready for a Data Disaster and his job and the organization’s data are at great risk!.”

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Kamal Gulati
MD & CEO – itSimple

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