Enterprise Operating System Protection

Security, Encryption and Deduplication for all Operating Systems

In our world of 24/7 availability, downtime is not an option.
Tina (Time Navigator) delivers enterprise operating system protection for Windows, Linux, AIX, Unix servers. Advanced protection for physical and virtual servers.


IT resources are under pressure and need reliable backup solutions that efficiently control storage, maintain availability, allow for shorter backup windows and reduced budgets. Give me a solution that avoids the headache of managing multiple panes of glass.
Who says backup is boring now?


In our ever-growing ecosystem of servers, applications and databases, it is hard to provide a consistently high level of data protection. Every resource in your enterprise deserves to be protected, deduplicated, secured and externalized. Cover all bases before having to recover critical data.

Shorter Backup Windows

Block level backup for all operating systems/applications
Global deduplication of data across the infrastructure
Fast File Scan for incremental backups

24/7 High Availability Production

Hot backups = zero downtime
Hot recovery for major applications (Oracle, MS-SQL, MS-Exchange, MS-SharePoint…)
Backups can be consolidated offline for zero business impact

Stress-free Recovery with Time Navigation

No backup knowledge necessary to restore data
Display of deleted files to restore them easily
Express Restart – 3 click restore

Built-in Security

Data encrypted on the fly for tight security
Data secured by certificates and rules
Audit trail ensures every action is tracked




When someone inadvertently opens that email and suddenly critical business data becomes encrypted, infected or even deleted the only course of action is restore! To simplify the restore we offer the same interface for all the operating systems too.

Atempo’s Tina (Time Navigator) lets the administrator go back in time to restore data to a pre-incident date and time.

When you need to restore data it’s always a stressful time. When exactly was data lost or destroyed? When was the data last backed up? The Restore Manager presents the filesystem clearly and simply. Select the directory or file to restore, select the versions available and click Restore. Our catalog tracks each and every file and knows where it’s stored. You can even perform a search for files and let Atempo do the work.


With source based block-level deduplication for both physical and virtual machines backup speeds are greatly increased and backup volumes are reduced. As data is deduplicated at source, the IT Administrator wins on all fronts. Less data to transfer – less data to store – reduced backup times.

Our solution supports the following (and more):

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • HP-UX
  • AIX
  • Solaris
  • MS-Exchange
  • MS-SQL
  • MS-SharePoint
  • Oracle
  • IBM Domino
  • Hot backup for full database, mailbox or mail level restore
  • DAG architecture
  • Intuitive search mechanism
  • Point-in-time database recovery
  • Multiple backup destinations, including deduplication storage, VTL and tape
  • Hot or cold backup of Oracle instances
  • Point-in-time database recovery through transaction log replay
  • Oracle partial clone recovery to another Oracle server
  • Graphical module for both Oracle & RMAN
  • RMAN script configurator that take the hassle out of complex script writing
  • Multiple backup destinations, including deduplication storage, VTL and tape.
  • All components of the farm protected for granular restore.
  • Point-in-time database recovery
  • Multiple backup destinations, including deduplication storage, VTL and tape.
  • Hot backup for databases and DAOS and configuration files.
  • Point-in-time database recovery
  • Multiple backup destinations, including deduplication storage, VTL and tape.

Backup to disk, deduplicated storage or tape at high speed. Atempo keeps track of the data whereabouts. When it comes to restore, simply choose the version you need and let us do the rest. We can even restore from the closest source to optimize recovery time.


Different administrators may have different responsibilities. Splitting the infrastructure into separate catalogs may be the best way to manage the different environments. Of course libraries and drives can be shared by all IT staff to fully optimize resources. Our web-based Admin Console provides a global entry point for all types of administration activity including reporting and analytics.