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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact technical support?
  • Please write an email to and, Technical team will contact back within 1 business day as per the defined SLA and support. For fast resolution, we request you raise the ticket with the following information:
    – Software version:
    – Type and version of the operating system:
    – The impacted application or host:
    – Job id (if a backup or restore) issue:
    – Problem description:
    – Screenshot of the error message
Can we contact support through other mediums as well?

Yes, for any real urgency like the system being down, production impact due to product, or critical data restoration. You can contact support through zoom.

What is the SLA for critical incidents?
Please refer to the SLA and Response time matrix SLA Escalation Matrix_V.2.0.
How do we ensure our backups and resources are up to date and meet all criteria?

We have recently launched iBART, Itsimple backup and recovery assessment test. itSimple Backup Assessment & Recovery Testing analyzes the current state of your Data Management environment, reviews your backup infrastructure and the specific challenges you are experiencing, through the lens of current industry Best Practices.

Do you have any premium support options?

Yes, we do have premium support available with minimal charges. By opting for the premium support option, we will manage your data backup and monitor everything for you by opting for this option. For more information, please refer to the below chart:


itSimple_Support Pricing Table

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