Faronics delivers software that helps manage, simplify, and secure multi-user computing environments. Our suite of products ensures 100% workstation availability, and frees up IT teams from tedious technical support and software issues.

Faronics Deep Freeze reduces IT costs by preserving desired computer configurations. Faronics Anti-Executable prevents against unauthorized software, while Faronics Anti-Virus ensures high-performance, endpoint malware protection. Faronics Power Save lowers energy costs with intelligent energy management. Faronics Insight delivers total control over classroom computers, whereas Faronics WINSelect enables IT administrators to customize their access to applications, websites, programs, and menu options.

Faronics’ technology innovations benefit educational institutions, healthcare facilities, libraries, government organizations and corporations.


Faronics Deep Freeze makes your computer indestructible. Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by preserving your desired computer configuration and settings. Each time you restart your computer, Deep Freeze restores the computer back to your configuration. Since 1999 it has helped thousands of IT professionals manage millions of computers with minimal effort.

Key Features and Benefits

Reduce IT Tickets by 63%

Completely Non-Restrictive

Prevent Configuration Drift

Eliminate Zero-day Threats

Achieve License Compliance

Empower End Users

How Deep Freeze Works?

Deep Freeze uses patented technology to redirect information being written to the hard drive to an allocation table, leaving the original data intact. The redirected information on the allocation table is no longer referenced once the computer is restarted; thereby restoring the computer to its original state, down to the last byte. Patent Number: US7539828 B2


The Ultimate Reboot to Restore Solution for Managing and Protecting Workstations