HPC & Large Data Protection and Movement

Manage All Large Unstructured Data Sets

Handling the Big Data Challenge!
HPC & Large Data Protection and Movement.
Protect and Move Very High Data Volumes and Billions of Files


Miria - HPC and Large Data Management - Lustre & GPFS

Enterprises and research facilities face new storage-related challenges which are an integral part of HPC/Big Data projects. Today, these projects are impacting even more sectors due to the data volume explosions, along with a growing number of files.

Big Data poses new challenges in terms of backup performance requirements, backup windows, overall storage optimization and the ability to retrieve data granularly and flexibly from long term archives.

Storing, protecting, sharing and accessing data from multiple filesystems (GPFS, Lustre, NFS, CIFS…) and multiple storages (disk, cloud, tape, object…) have created a number of challenges that only a genuine data management platform can handle.


Exploding Data Volumes

Large data volumes imply that duplicating or replicating data takes time. There is often a bottleneck somewhere. Parallelizing data flow is key. Miria data movers can scale up to any infrastructure, matching data throughput and the maximum available bandwidth.

Choosing storages

Disk, object storage, optical disk, tape, cloud storage media, including combinations of these, can be based on one or more storage technologies. Data movement and protection are impacted by available budgets and performance needs, Miria offers a very broad storage compatibility list with deep integration guaranteeing optimal performance.

Facing proprietary backup formats

Atempo's Miria means you won’t have to cope with proprietary formats. Only open formats are deployed. Maintain the original folder structure of your data, with native format on disk and benefit from the widely used TAR and LTFS on tape. File access for recovery is rapid and straightforward. Miria is also an ideal tool for long-term retention, archive and data sharing with third parties.

Speed and scalability

Our customers use Miria to handle extremely large files as well as hundreds of millions of small files which transit between petabyte-level storage spaces. Thanks to tight storage integration, Miria can leverage snapshots and FastScan technologies with selected vendors. The large volumes of data are transferred by scalable farms of Miria Data Movers, each capable of moving several GB/s. To increase performance, simply add a data mover. Scalability is no longer a concern. All data movements are restricted to authorized storage spaces and are logged.

Data Recovery

You just lost something from storage. Fortunately Miria has duplicated copies. The copy is complete with all the folder and sub-folder structure. Recovery can either be automated or you can browse the storage manually to get the file(s) you need. If you need to retrieve an archived project or folder, use metadata searches or browse and find the relevant version of your assets and restore them to where you need.

Integrating object storage

In the past, large volumes were often stored on tape. Now, when it comes to making full and incremental backups of large amounts of data, tape is challenged by object storage. Object Storage can swiftly restore any version of a file. Write speeds are managed by having the right number of Miria Data Movers making it a powerful and scalable backup and movement solution for Big Data.