Synchronization for Hybrid NAS Data and File Storages


Do you have several petabyte-scale NAS on remote sites you want to synchronize?
Miria delivers multi-platform and multi-site synchronization and orchestration for hybrid NAS and file storages. Powerful, vendor-agnostic petascale data management solution.



Do you have mismatched pairs of NetApp, Dell/EMC Isilon, StorNext, Qumulo or other storage platforms?

Or perhaps you use Lustre or GPFS parallel file systems from vendors like DDN GRIDScaler and IBM Spectrum Storage?

Are you looking for a powerful and reliable solution to synchronize and move your critical unstructured files between remote petascale storages

Atempo delivers powerful, vendor-agnostic file synchronization and orchestration solutions for petascale storages.

Frequent synchronizations

Atempo’s synchronization jobs run automatically and frequently to minimize differences between the storage targets. Whenever possible, the sync capability leverages Atempo's FastScan capability to quickly collect the list of changed & new files on NAS and shared or parallel file systems. This ensures rapid file synchronization with remote storage. Even when there are billions of files on your petabyte-scale storage with as big as 5% of daily changes, your storage remained in sync.

Cross-storage sync

Atempo's Storage Synchronization solution is vendor agnostic. Data is collected on source storage before converting automatically to the right format on target storage fully respecting ACLs in the process. An Isilon to GPFS file sync is no more difficult than a GPFS to GPFS sync, or a NetApp to Lustre file sync, or vice versa. The choice of supported platforms includes: GPFS, Lustre, Isilon, NetApp, StorNext, Panasas, Qumulo. Full support for these file servers: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.

Network latency and low impact

Atempo implements a multi-layered technology separating file-scanning tasks from actual data movement. Here are the benefits: Data movement starts early High-performance streamed processes Heavily load-balanced and multi-threaded processing Robust and insensitive to file size or network latency issues.

Flexible file sync

Atempo's file sync solution offers full control between two storages: One-way sync that “replicates” new, modified and deleted files from source to target. One-way sync that replicates new and modified files and does not replicate file deletion. One-way sync that only replicates changes made to files existing on both storages. Bi-directional full sync that replicates files added and changed on both sides.

Speed and Scalability

Large data volumes are transferred by scalable farms of Atempo Data Movers, which can each move several GB/s in an highly-parallelized and multi-threaded environment. A whole data-moving farm will deliver more throughput than most networks can handle. To increase performance, simply add a Data Mover. Need reduced power after the initial blast; no problem! Simply reduce the number of Data Movers.