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Service Assurance of computer Data availability “Owning Whatever It Takes”

The Data is becoming Money for each one of customers more so with the Trust score of the organization becoming dependent on that along with business criticality. We make customer’s computer data available at all times such that all stakeholders experience itsimple approach of “owning whatever it takes” for leaving them with an experience of financial fulfillment, happiness, and contribution.

itSimple provides various levels of assurance to customers about the availability of data. itSimple, Atempo’s experienced team with its extensive background of data availability industry through serving leaders of Industry has learned ways to check the health of Infra, ways in which data does not become available, restore data under various kind of circumstances, giving confidence to the customer through standing with them in all kind of circumstances, these have been converted into the knowledge base and best practices such that customers could get their data available to them. This means a good night’s sleep for lots of IT & business leaders.

Using best practices (judgment of the level of criticality for specific application data/user data, level of Restoration drills, Storage health check, other infra health check,  redundancy,  training of IT & business users, architecture/Network/users reporting’s, the recommendation of infra changes,  failure reports, customized reports) itSimple team is able to provide a different level of restoration assurances wherein we are responsible for data.

Software licenses include the first year of maintenance and support. Additional maintenance and support can be purchased at any time from itSimple. For products that are current on maintenance, bug fixes and update releases are provided without charge. itSimple also could have an audit of your environment to provide for a level of support & restoration drills depending on-

  • Availability of IT team
  • Reliability of Infrastructure
  • Life of Infrastructure,
  • Criticalilty / Sensitivity / Privacy of data


Customers may access support during non‐working hours. However, the service levels detailed below may not apply. However, in the circumstance of escalation, it may be that a resolution will not achieve the service levels discussed below.

Gold and Silver contracts follow a standard support offering that cannot be modified. Platinum contracts consist of a standard support offering but can be modified via a custom Statement of Work. itSimple offers ‘Per Incident Phone Assistance’ to our Silver support customers. Silver customers who have an urgent need for phone assistance can purchase a phone assistance support package.

Once purchased, our Services team will schedule this call and a Support Engineer will return your call at the number provided. This service is not intended to provide support for multiple technical issues, but rather a single incident. Phone assistance is limited to the number of hours purchased, with a four-hour minimum.

ItSimple is committed to customer success and welcomes engagement, feedback, suggestions, and direction at any time, via any medium.

This support is provided for Endpoint Backup and File Archival

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