Data Backup Solution for GDPR Compliance

Data Protection and Privacy Laws are topics of hot discussion these days. Almost all the leading countries like Canada, Australia, Singapore, Europe, South Africa, U.K, and China have come out with their respective laws for citizen data protection.

European Union GDPR is one of the most talked-about data protection law that came into force on 25th May 2018. It can effect on any business that holds data on European citizens.

GDPR Compliance requires businesses and IT Companies to protect the personal data and spell out how they manage and share personal data. Non-compliance with GDPR regulations or potential damages of breach of privacy of user data from EU would cost huge financial penalties to the IT Companies, 4% of global turnover or Up to €20 million.

There are various implications with data backup on GDPR, and Backup and disaster recovery system is major aspect of compliances. To comply with GDPR 2018, business must follows the rules. You will need a reliable data backup solution to manage and safeguard your backups using professional tools tailored to company needs. The data backup solution can play a vital role in getting you safely through a GDPR audit.

The aspects of GDPR Compliance that data backup cover for the organization include:

  1. Managed Data Backup:

Data backup and recovery system is coming with serious implication on GDPR. Having this can save your 30-40% chance of being penalized. You need to protect the data you are holding, otherwise organization can face heavy fine.

  1. Ensuring the ability to restore the availability and access to the personal data.
  2. Effective system to measure the security of processing.
  3. Ensuring the security of processing also.
  4. Centralized control of Data

Under GDPR rules, it is now going to be important for organizations to back up the data, isolate backed up data, locate data, and ensure that the data is ready for disaster. The itSimple backup solution takes care of it through:

  1. Centralized control of all type of computer in local and remote location
  2. Catalogue of backup
  3. Copy of protected data for disaster readiness even at remote location.
  4. Through backup catalogue, you can control the order in which backups are removed for availability of space without affecting the retention control.
  1. Security of Data

For GDPR Compliance 2018, Data should be encrypted and accessible only to those who have specifically defined access rights. This means user access needs to be tightly controlled for both backup and restoration operations. A reliable backup Solution ensure security of Data in backup and in transit through:

  1. Encryption of backup
  2. Breaking of data in small blocks

Besides this it must be ensured about the security system to deal with data breaches. If the system is reporting with any type of cyber alert or data breaches, it must be taken care of within 24 hrs

  1. Storage of Data

To ensure data protection, it is important to manage data storage media. Through retention control feature in backup, you can keep the data till the time it is required.

You can manage backup sets with short-term retention on disk and long-term on tape or public clouds.

  1. Are you planning to outsource the data backup:

This may be good option if you don’t have such system and dealing with EU citizen  data, you can outsource your data backup and recovery system. But be sure about that party is following the GDPR Compliances.

If you have any query about data backup and GDPR compliance, feel free to contact itSimple at +91-120-4155477 or send an email on

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