Why automated backup of computer data

Ransomware struck an organization, asking XXX USD in account. All computer’s data lost, IT team and management chose to not get blackmailed, look for where the data is stored, external drive backup taken 7 days back (where only 57% computers  are updated in that cycle and 81% including 2 week back backup), Dropbox, Google drive. Rough estimation shows 73% data being restored. Not sure which critical data is lost, it takes months to restore that lost data even after which it would be tough to be 100% restoration. The attack could be ransomware, virus, fire, Natural disaster, infrastructure failures or human mischief.

Extensive plans are created using external consulting expert organization such that organization is ready for these kind of scenario. Examples of some of these are:

  1. Backup of computer data at 3 locations local HDD (private), LTO (private), hybrid & external cloud.
  2. Space is defined in central disk for each individual and server which is mapped to specific folders in individual computers and servers.
  3. Everybody is taught how to create versions of files and external cloud is configured to keep versions of files.
  4. Everybody is taught how to create indexed sub-folders in specific folders based on their utility, name of files suitable for what they are for, timelines for copying these to specific folders for backup or creating them in specific.
  5. AutoSaving of office files at specific time internal and where the saving is done and how based on importance these could be critical, important, and routine and saving time based on that taught to users.
  6. Sever team is trained to create backup using scripts for online backup of databases and file servers.
  7. Disaster recovery drill is planned such that artificial breakdown is created and seen how organization respond to that.

Then what happens 3 months down the line, only 20% of people are using these processes religiously, 30% partially and 50% hardly, Sever team might have these figures bit better and how about 6 Months and 12 months down the line.

This is human design, even a serious disease in health (these withdrawal symptoms show how dangerous xanax can be) leads to similar discipline by person himself and family, and few months down the line life style back to usual before disease for majority of us. If you can create process and follow the same rigorously for yourself and organization, you don’t need backup in modern times as there are enough organizations / online tutorials to give you inputs about how to be ready for restoration for almost all kind of disasters.You need to visit our location to learn how to manage server effeciently.

If not, go for an organization / tool which assure you restoration of data and follow the process themselves to backup your data.

The Loss of computer data means serious loss to your organization finances and reputation like it does for European & USA organization. Europe has created specialized rules for every organization to follow data restoration process. After all, Computer data is becoming blood for your organization.

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