5 Warning Signs Your Computer Hard Drive is about to Die

Business continuity is all about the high availability of your data and losing data can be devastating for any business. It is no wonder that hard disks tend to fail but thankfully hard drives often show some symptoms of their ending life. If your hard drive shows any of these symptoms, you need to back up your hard drive immediately or talk to our Hard Disk Recovery Technical Experts to secure your data before the crash occurs.

Let’s look at some common warning signs of hard drive failures:

Strange Clicking Noises

Sometimes you hear strange sounds like clicking, whirring or whining noises from your hard disk, it may be because your drive is about to die. You need to act very quickly as it is too late already.

Missing files and folders

Missing Files? Are you sure that you saved a file yesterday? Disappearing files and folders are warning sign that your hard drive’s lifetime is ending. Of course, it could be because of viruses but you need to check it immediately.

Frequent Error messages

While running a software or simply moving some files, frequent error messages appear. This strange behavior can happen because of problems with your hard drive.

Slow File Access Times

If it takes really long to access folders and files, it may be because of a failing hard drive. Frequent freezes can be caused by many issues but it is recommended that you should immediately backup your files.

Frequent Crashes

Does your computer crash frequently? Does it show ‘blue screen of death’ especially while booting up? If you find frequent and irregular crashes, it may be a warning sign of your hard disk failure.

Need Help?

When a hard drive shows warning signs, it may be too late already. You should act quickly and backup all your important data before the actual crash occurs. itSimple offers cloud backup solutions and computer hard disk recovery services in Noida with 45+ man-years strong technical team. Contact us immediately to backup and secure your business data.

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