Data Backup Solution for GDPR Compliance

Data Protection and Privacy Laws are topics of hot discussion these days. Almost all the leading countries like Canada, Australia, Singapore, Europe, South Africa, U.K, and China have come out with their respective laws for citizen data protection.

European Union GDPR is one of the most talked-about data protection law that came into force on 25th May 2018. It can effect on any business that holds data on European citizens.

GDPR Compliance requires businesses and IT Companies to protect the personal data and spell out how they manage and share personal data. Non-compliance with GDPR regulations or potential damages of breach of privacy of user data from EU would cost huge financial penalties to the IT Companies, 4% of global turnover or Up to €20 million.

There are various implications with data backup on GDPR, and Backup and disaster recovery system is major aspect of compliances. To comply with GDPR 2018, business must follows the rules. You will need a reliable data backup solution to manage and safeguard your backups using professional tools tailored to company needs. The data backup solution can play a vital role in getting you safely through a GDPR audit.

The aspects of GDPR Compliance that data backup cover for the organization include:

  1. Managed Data Backup:

Data backup and recovery system is coming with serious implication on GDPR. Having this can save your 30-40% chance of being penalized. You need to protect the data you are holding, otherwise organization can face heavy fine.

  1. Ensuring the ability to restore the availability and access to the personal data.
  2. Effective system to measure the security of processing.
  3. Ensuring the security of processing also.
  4. Centralized control of Data

Under GDPR rules, it is now going to be important for organizations to back up the data, isolate backed up data, locate data, and ensure that the data is ready for disaster. The itSimple backup solution takes care of it through:

  1. Centralized control of all type of computer in local and remote location
  2. Catalogue of backup
  3. Copy of protected data for disaster readiness even at remote location.
  4. Through backup catalogue, you can control the order in which backups are removed for availability of space without affecting the retention control.
  1. Security of Data

For GDPR Compliance 2018, Data should be encrypted and accessible only to those who have specifically defined access rights. This means user access needs to be tightly controlled for both backup and restoration operations. A reliable backup Solution ensure security of Data in backup and in transit through:

  1. Encryption of backup
  2. Breaking of data in small blocks

Besides this it must be ensured about the security system to deal with data breaches. If the system is reporting with any type of cyber alert or data breaches, it must be taken care of within 24 hrs

  1. Storage of Data

To ensure data protection, it is important to manage data storage media. Through retention control feature in backup, you can keep the data till the time it is required.

You can manage backup sets with short-term retention on disk and long-term on tape or public clouds.

  1. Are you planning to outsource the data backup:

This may be good option if you don’t have such system and dealing with EU citizen  data, you can outsource your data backup and recovery system. But be sure about that party is following the GDPR Compliances.

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ItSimple – The Best Enterprise cloud backup solutions Provider

Everybody thinks that they are not at risk of losing data until they experience it. According to stats, 87 % IT companies experience data loss. Losing data will not only take months but also costs you dollars to restore a bit of it. The smartest way to ensure your business continuity is securing your data with proper  Enterprise data backup solution.

Here are 9 most common causes of Data Loss to help you understand what lead to data loss and how you can prevent data loss.

Hard drive failures

Mechanical Damages of hard drive is the most common cause of data loss. Hard drives have a finite lifetime and it is no wonder they break down easily. According to the figures, 50% of hard drives die within 5 years. These failures can occur due to overheating, power surges, corrupted files resulting in devastating loss of your important files and business data.


According to a survey of data loss causes, 29 % users believe that viruses, malware or ransomware led to data loss. There are Trojans, viruses, harmful malware and advanced spyware technologies developed by hackers and intruders that are constantly trying to get onto and take over your system. These attacks can corrupt files, steal information and damage your data.

Human Error

Human Mischief is the second most common cause of data loss. Creating files, updating and saving are very common activities done by IT professionals every day. Sometimes we click delete button accidentally or format something unintentionally and lose irreplaceable files. Some users accidentally format their hard drives and lose data instantly and pay dollars for retrieving data.

Laptop Theft

Laptop thefts are very common these days. You take your laptop to various places including taxi cabs, coffee shops, hotels, airports where it can be stolen very easily. According to stats of data loss, a laptop is stolen every minute. Losing both your laptop and your important business data would be really tragic for IT professionals.

Physical damage

Oops! Coffee is spilled on the laptop. Your laptop doesn’t understand your love for coffee. Spilling coffee, water or any liquid cause much damage to your laptop. Liquids can cause short circuit to the electronic components, damage motherboard or data can be lost saved to hard drives.

Power Failures

Many users lose their important business data due to power interruptions and accidents caused by power outages. Power Failures can cause due to a sudden change in voltages and can damage hard drives and other parts of your computer. These power failures, random computer crashes and overheating can be a devastating experience resulting in the loss of your business data.


We all hate hackers but the fact is they can hack your system and encrypt your data. Sometimes your office employees try to damage, delete or steal your data if they have sufficient access to the files. You can prevent these malicious activities by keeping a data backup on the cloud.

Unexpected Shutdowns

Sometimes software shutdown unexpectedly. It may happen due to improper shutdowns of the computer. Sometimes your files become inoperable and there is no particular reason for this. This happens when your files are corrupted. These file corruptions and unexpected shutdowns may interrupt your business operations and you can lose important files, folders, client databases, reports and other documents.

Natural Disasters

From fire accidents to earthquakes, natural disasters can cause serious damage to your systems, devices and data. These disasters are unpredictable and inevitable but you can back up your business data in the cloud and focus on your business with peace of mind. Go with enterprise cloud backup solutions.

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6 Benefits of Cloud backup Solutions for Small Business

Data is the most valuable asset of your business and you must be concerned about the security of your business data. The best way to secure your data is online cloud backup solution. Online backups are simple, faster and better than manual backups.

Let’s look at the top benefits of online data backup software for your business.


One of the most important benefits of online cloud backup is that you can access your files anywhere and anytime. Whether you are in a restaurant, in a business meeting, in a hotel room, you don’t need to carry your storage devices like external hard drive, pen drive or memory card with you. You can access your online business data easily and quickly.


Your storage devices or laptops can get damaged by natural disasters, spilling of water, or by theft incidents. Even your manual backup can be accessed and destroyed. With cloud backup solution, you can heave a sigh of relief that your data is safe and stored in the cloud and you can restore it anytime.


When you use online backup solution, your data will be encrypted that means you can transfer your files safely. There is a unique encryption key to protect your data and only you have access to the files and folders.

Fraud Protection

During the checkout and payment process, there is additional fraud protection, with right video onboarding for you. With this innovative and super fast identification service, frauds and chargebacks are eliminated. All you need is a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer web camera, and you’ll be fully protected.


When you choose any cloud backup software, you get 100% restoration guarantee. In case of urgency, you can recover your data instantly and focus on your business with peace of mind.


Cloud-based backups are automated and scheduled, to save your time. You need not worry about manually backing up your data which can be very time-consuming and frustrating.


Online Data Backup Services are best for budget-friendly and less expensive portals like online legal marijuana shops in california pages, health care organisations posts ans so on. There is no setup or installation fees and very low running cost to pay.

If you are not backing up your computer, you can start with itSimple Cloud Backup Services to secure your data. itSimple offers a simple, affordable and scheduled cloud backup solution with restoration guarantee to protect your business data. For more details, give us a call at +91-120-4155477.


7 Factors to consider while choosing a Cloud Backup Solution

Are you looking for the best cloud backup solution for your business data? There are so many options in the market that you may not know what to choose. Choosing a cloud backup software is not a task to be taken lightly as your business have important data related to client’s databases, information related to taxes, financial records, contact details, emails and other important work files which they cannot afford to lose.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider while choosing a Cloud Data Backup Solution:


The most important factor to consider while choosing a data backup service is an automated cloud backup software. You need scheduled automated backup so that you need not worry about manually backing up your data.

Multiple locations

Another major factor you need to consider while choosing data backup services is that it stores data at multiple locations. Backing up at multiple destinations ensures data protection and you can focus on your business with peace of mind.


In order to ensure that your business’ data is secured and protected, you need an encrypted data backup solution. When your data will be encrypted, you can transfer data safely and only you have access to your files and folders.


While choosing a data backup service, make sure it is easy for you to access your backup anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected device to manage your backups, restore it and monitor live activities.


You may need to add bulk accounts as your backup users grow. Make sure the data backup solution allows you to add bulk accounts and scale up backup system easily with growing users.


You need a data backup service provider which offers you 24*7 support so that if you do experience any difficulty in accessing your files or retrieving your data, you can get help anytime.

Choose the data backup solution that ensures reliability, usability, and quality protection like itSimple Cloud Backup. itSimple is a value-based IT backup focused organization providing affordable data backup solutions for small business and computer hard disk recovery services in Delhi/ NCR.


Why automated backup of computer data

Ransomware struck an organization, asking XXX USD in account. All computer’s data lost, IT team and management chose to not get blackmailed, look for where the data is stored, external drive backup taken 7 days back (where only 57% computers  are updated in that cycle and 81% including 2 week back backup), Dropbox, Google drive. Rough estimation shows 73% data being restored. Not sure which critical data is lost, it takes months to restore that lost data even after which it would be tough to be 100% restoration. The attack could be ransomware, virus, fire, Natural disaster, infrastructure failures or human mischief.

Extensive plans are created using external consulting expert organization such that organization is ready for these kind of scenario. Examples of some of these are:

  1. Backup of computer data at 3 locations local HDD (private), LTO (private), hybrid & external cloud.
  2. Space is defined in central disk for each individual and server which is mapped to specific folders in individual computers and servers.
  3. Everybody is taught how to create versions of files and external cloud is configured to keep versions of files.
  4. Everybody is taught how to create indexed sub-folders in specific folders based on their utility, name of files suitable for what they are for, timelines for copying these to specific folders for backup or creating them in specific.
  5. AutoSaving of office files at specific time internal and where the saving is done and how based on importance these could be critical, important, and routine and saving time based on that taught to users.
  6. Sever team is trained to create backup using scripts for online backup of databases and file servers.
  7. Disaster recovery drill is planned such that artificial breakdown is created and seen how organization respond to that.

Then what happens 3 months down the line, only 20% of people are using these processes religiously, 30% partially and 50% hardly, Sever team might have these figures bit better and how about 6 Months and 12 months down the line.

This is human design, even a serious disease in health (these withdrawal symptoms show how dangerous xanax can be) leads to similar discipline by person himself and family, and few months down the line life style back to usual before disease for majority of us. If you can create process and follow the same rigorously for yourself and organization, you don’t need backup in modern times as there are enough organizations / online tutorials to give you inputs about how to be ready for restoration for almost all kind of disasters.You need to visit our location to learn how to manage server effeciently.

If not, go for an organization / tool which assure you restoration of data and follow the process themselves to backup your data.

The Loss of computer data means serious loss to your organization finances and reputation like it does for European & USA organization. Europe has created specialized rules for every organization to follow data restoration process. After all, Computer data is becoming blood for your organization.